August 18-22 Newsletter


This week (August 18-August 22) in Bible we are going to learn about “The Creation Story”! Our memory verse is Genesis 1:1. Students will be orally assessed this Friday.

In Phonics this week we are learning the short vowel I. I is for Indian, itchy inchworm, and igloo. Capital I is a tall stick with a little hat and little shoes. Little i is a stick with a dot on top.

We will start Numbers next week.

 Letter I Song

Itchy Inchworm, Itchy Inchworm.

I says i, i, i, i.

Indian and igloo. Insect, inch, and Italy.

I says i, i, i, i.

Don’t forget about our Blessing Box if you would like to donate any trinkets!


  • We had a great first week of school! Thank you for all y’all did to help make things go smoothly 🙂
  • Show and Tell for the letter I will be on Friday, August 22. Please bring a show and tell that can fit inside backpack.
  • If you did NOT receive a student handbook please request one in writing. Please turn all SIGNED handbook pages in on Friday, August 22.
  • Girls should wear shorts underneath their uniform dresses.
  • Make sure your child uses the restroom at HOME before coming to school. We do not take a bathroom break until around 9:30, unless there is an emergency.
  • Bible Verse cards will be sent home weekly to review. Please send the cards back daily in the Ziploc bag provided.
  • Please sign and return Behavior Log daily!

Thank you!


Please review Bible verse and Phonics at home J We are going to have a blast this week!