September 22-26 Newsletter

This week (September 22-September 26) in Bible we are going to learn about “Samuel Listens to God” and “David the Shepherd”. Our memory verse is Philippians 4:19

In Phonics this week we are learning the short vowel T. T is for tiger, telephone, and transportation. Capital T is a tall man with a hat and no shoes. Little t is a little man with a bowtie.

This week in Numbers we are learning the concept of 6. We will be counting to 10.

Letter T Song

Timmy Tiger, Timmy Tiger.

T says t, t, t, t.

Teeth and telephone. Turtle, tree, and triangle.

T says t, t, t, t.

Please review Bible verse and Phonics at home 🙂 Bible Verse Testing is Friday! We are going to have a blast this week!

Don’t forget about our Blessing Box if you would like to donate any trinkets!


  • Show and Tell for the letter T will be on Friday, September 26. Please bring a show and tell that can fit inside of your child’ s backpack.
  • Grandparents Day was wonderful! I am so proud of my class 🙂 They worked so hard! I hope everyone enjoyed the performance!
  • Bible Verse cards will be sent home weekly to review. Please send the cards back daily in the Ziploc bag.
  • Each child should have a change of clothes and under garments in their cubby in case of accidents.