monday April 20-24 newsletter

This week (March 31- April 4) in Bible we are going to learn the stories “The Good Samaritan and “The Prodigal Son”. Our Bible verse is Ephesians 4:32. There will be an assessment this Friday!

In Phonics this week we are going to review all of the letters we have learned. We have been working on writing our letters more precisely as well. We are still practicing blend ladders and reading in Reading Circles. Everyone is doing a fabulous job in Reading Circles! I am very proud 🙂

This week in Numbers we are going to learn 16 and review 1-15. We will be counting to 60!

Please continue to review letters, numbers, and Bible at home please!

Thank you 🙂

Important Notes:

  • If you would like to donate to the Blessing Box it would be greatly appreciated 🙂
  • Show and Tell for any letter is Friday, April 24.
  • If you send your child to school with grapes or a hotdog they must be cut in half! It is a safety rule at VCA.
  • Reminder that Preschool and Kindergarten aftercare will be in the Pre-K 3 (Mrs. Alicia) classroom Monday and Tuesday.

Thank You!