february 1-5 news

I hope everyone had a great weekend and enjoyed the warmer weather!

This week (February 1-5) in Bible we are going to learn about “The Woman at the Well” and “The Nobleman’s Son”. Our Bible verse is Matthew 28:20. There will be an assessment this Friday!

In Phonics this week we are going to review the consonant K as I was out all last week. K is for kangaroo, kindness, and koala. Capital K looks like a flagpole with a big V turned to the side. Little K looks like a little flagpole with a little v turned to the side. We will also be reviewing blend ladders!

This week in Numbers we are reviewing 1-11. We will learn the concept of 12.  We will be counting to 50!

Letter K Song

Kathy Kangaroo, Kathy Kangaroo. K says k, k, k, k. Kite and key and kitten. Kettle, king, koala. K says k, k, k, k.


– Please feel free to donate anything to our Blessing Box!

– Show and Tell for the letter K will be on Friday, February 5. Please bring a show and tell that can fit inside of your child’ s backpack.

– Winter Break: February 8-10. School resumes February 11.

– Scholastic is due February 5! Checks only please! No CASH!

We will celebrate Valentines Day on Friday, February 12. Your child may send candy/treats and cards to pass out to their friends J We have 21 students in Pre-K 4. Please make sure to send a Valentine for everyone.