february 22-26

This week (February 22-February 26) in Bible we are going to learn “Jesus Stills the Storm” and “Jairus’ Daughter”. Our Bible verse is Psalm 56:3. There will be an assessment this Friday!

In Phonics this week we are going to learn the consonant W. W is for wacky, windy, and weather. Capital W looks like 2 capital V’s stuck together. Little w looks like 2 little v’s stuck together. We will also be reviewing blend ladders!

This week in Numbers we are reviewing 1-11. We will be counting to 40!

Letter W Song

Wackford Walrus, Wackford Walrus.

W says w, w, w, w.
Wagon, window, water. Watermelon, waffles.

W says w, w, w, w.


– Please feel free to donate anything to our Blessing Box!

– Show and Tell for the letter W will be on Friday, February 26. Please bring a show and tell that can fit inside of your child’ s backpack

– Please make sure your child’s sweaters, sweatshirts, and jackets are labeled. This helps us out a lot and prevents items from getting mixed up.

The VCA Auction is Saturday, March 19. Come have dinner and bid on some great items to support our school! Tickets are available in the office. Also, don’t forget to send $5 in your child’s folder for our room mom Melissa Gaye. She is putting together our class basket for the auction. Thanks to all who have sent their donation in so far! J