april 4-8

Happy April! I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter and holiday! Jesus is Risen!

This week (April 4- 8) in Bible we will learn the two stories “Jesus Heals Ten Lepers” and “Rich Young Ruler”. Our bible verse is 1 Timothy 1:15. There will be an assessment this Friday!

In Phonics this week we are going to learn the consonant Z. Capital Z is a stick on the ceiling and the floor with a slide in between. Little z looks like capital Z but smaller. Z is for zinnia, zoo, and zipper. We will also be reviewing blend ladders!

This week in Numbers we are reviewing 1-13. We will be counting to 50!

Letter Z Song

Zed Zebra. Zed Zebra.

Z says z, z, z, z.  Zero, zig, zag, zipper. Zebra in the zoo. Z says z, z, z, z.


-Please feel free to donate anything to our Blessing Box!

-Show and Tell for the letter Z will be on Friday, April 8. Please bring a show and tell that can fit inside of your child’ s backpack

-Thank you to everyone who sent eggs, candy, and snacks for our Easter egg hunt and party! It was greatly appreciated and the kids had so much fun!

-Report Cards were due back before Easter holiday. If you have not sent it back yet please do so ASAP! I am still missing a few. Thank you!