September 9-September 13

We are starting Week 5.

Our Bible Verse this week is Psalm 139:14 which is “I am fearfully and wonderfully made.”

We will be learning the short and long sound for the vowel Uu. Also, we will learn the number 2 with review of zero and one. Our theme this week is “Colors and Shapes.” The color of the week we are learning is blue.

Students can bring in an item that starts with a Long or short Uu to share with the class. (Item must fit in school bag)

Our student of the week is Lorella Zambrano. Our past weeks we have had students of the week which were Christopher Daigrepont, Drake Gaye, and Kaiden Liebert.

We are practicing “You’re a Grand Old Flag” for Grandparents Day on September 20th.

Hope you have a wonderful and blessed week. C.C.